Law, a Defense or a Violence for Animals?

In November 2018, Swiss had a special referendum to tackle a problematic issue which divided the Alpine country-whether to subsidize farmers who let cows and goats grow their horns naturally. Although the plea was failed eventually, it’s a significant action taken by human to uphold the right of animals. This interesting referendum makes people to […]

Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in the Shell perfectly creates the prototype of Dona Haraway’s the cyborg woman, “a hybrid of machine and organism, a creature of social reality as well as a creature of fiction” (148). Motoko, the prosthetic human with organism and machine, works for Office 9 and tries to investigate and arrest the mysterious “Puppet Master”. […]


In this paper, I will investigate how Saint Orlan’s The Bride of Frankenstein revives the oppressed woman subject in Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein and how she creates the image of a cyborg woman to transgress boundaries and open more possibilities.        In the first part, I will try to understand how Mary Shelly’s authorship and women’s […]

Pill B, Know Thyself

What is the significance of B pill in Maniac? As the trial video in Maniac, A, B, and C pill represent agonia, behavioral, and confrexia respectively. Last week we just saw how pill A works: subjects are forced to confront with the trauma in past. After recognizing the trauma, how do physicians utilize the pill […]

Happiness in Asylum: Posthuman Society of Maniac

“Can we remain a democratic society if we refuse to allow people to control their own brains?” (43) is a critical question asks by Hughes in his article “Being Happier”. In posthuman society, it becomes more and more problematic that human is controlled by social domination and gradually lose individualism valued by humanism. According to […]

Power of Cyborg Woman: The Bride of Frankenstein from Elsa Lanchester to Saint Orlan

How does posthuman rhetoric subvert the oppressive circumstance of women? Does posthuman rhetoric bring the hope of the emancipation of women? Donna Haraway’s discourse “Cyborg Manifesto” lets us see the infinite possibilities of women cyborg rhetoric shedding light on women’s emancipation. In “Cyborg Manifesto,” Haraway proposes the concept of “cyborg”, trying to break traditional dualism […]

Tuning of Ying and Yang-Chinese Tai Chi

Tuning is an inspiring concept of posthuman rhetoric. As we know, tuning is an important process to adjust the scale between different instruments. What is the relationship between tuning and posthumanism? In “Writing and Rhetoric and/as Posthuman” by Casey Boyle, he points out the concept of “tuning” which is a process that emerges from the […]

Posthuman Society in the Real—Irvine as an Example.

This week Ally brought several interesting questions about the posthuman era, like what’s our imagination of the posthuman world or what’s the similarity and difference between the present and posthuman society. These questions exactly inspire me to think the situation we face today, especially the discussion about the example of the posthuman society—Irvine. I live […]