Why is the issue of cyborg critical nowadays?

After the courses this week, it comes up with me several questions: How does the evolution of rhetoric influence the cyborg discourse? Why is the issue of cyborg critical nowadays? If we want to answer these questions, we need to trace back to the western history of revival humanism and the rhetoric. Rhetoric derives from […]

Emancipation of The Bride of Frankenstein: Saint Olan’s Cyborg Performance

In 1991, Donna Haraway proposed “Cyborg Manifesto” in her book Simians, Cyborgs, and Women The Reinvention of Nature which challenged contemporary politics tremendously. In “Cyborg Manifesto”, Haraway intends to use technoseience to establish ironic myth which breaches “western” science and polotics: the tradition of racist, male-dominat captalism, progess, the appropriation of nature as the resource […]