Desire of Transcendence, Danger of Enframing- GRTA in Maniac

        Within the trail going on, the mystery of GRTA in Maniac is disclosed. To James ‘s astonishment, GRTA exposes her mourning to Robert and falls into extreme sadness. It turns out that Azumi, the host of the program design, implants basic types of human emotions to GRTA. Thus, GRTA isn’t just a machine which imitates the mental structure of Dr. Greta Mantleray, James mother, a psychologist, but becomes a pseudo-human with emotion and challenges human reversely. In the creepy scene where Greta talks to GRTA, GRTA reveals she wants to help while intendeds to “do as much damage as possible” to the subjects.

        Originally, the purpose of machine GRTA is a scientific substitute of psychologist. GRTA is a creation of James’s desire to surpass his mother’s treatment which he thinks full of useless “catchphrases, platitudes and therapies of the days.” James not only intends to get rid of his mother’s aftermath but also desire to disposes humanity. His craze to embrace science and technology is a kind of “transcendence.” As Grahma said in “Gods and Monsters,” transcendence “equated with idealism and dualism, of the physical world as an encumbrance and illusion, an implicit denigration of embodiment and materialism.” (230) He wants to abandon realty, dedicating to create the virtual treatment displacing the personal one. The digitalization of Greta demonstrates James’s desire of transcendence of reality, even the desire to become God. Such “aspiration towards a digitalized post-biological humanity often reflect the desire for a spiritualized, non-corporal body as the fulfillment of a disdain for the morality of the flesh.” (230) Technology thus becomes James’s transcendence in the pain of the reality, the salvation from the incompetence of his lives.

        James’s zeal of technology is a kind of enframing referred by Heidegger. In “The Question Concerning of Technology,” Heidegger illustrates enframing is “the gathering together that belongs to that setting-upon which sets upon man and puts him in position to reveal the real, in the mode of ordering, as standing-reserve.” James dedicates to collects and represents all his mother’s talents, trying to reveal the truth of human’s internal world.

        Nevertheless, such a craze of technology, a craze of transcendence, leads to an extreme danger, the danger of enframing. Heidegger illustrates the danger of enframing: “The rule of enframing threatens humanity with the possibility that it could be denied to him to enter into a more original revealing and hence to experience the call of a more primal truth.” If human keep trapped into the desire of emframing, the excessive eager will lead ultimately to the delusion that humanity is able to control over all existence, and finally miss the truth of what world is.   

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